About Me

My name is Frances and I’d like to welcome you to my oft neglected blog. Hopefully, you will find some posts that about sewing and my handmade wardrobe with perhaps the odd book review thrown in for fun. Sadly, you may well just find a string of ‘I’m back!’ posts with a year between them…

What is there to know about me? I’m single, in my early thirties and I love in Oxfordshire. I love books and TV an unhealthy amount. I am also pretty excited about history (current obsession is women of the late medieval period). My other interests are basically potatoes and wine. Oh and sewing, I love making things. (I love making things but I really hate the term ‘crafting’ ot ‘crafts’ it’s just so patronising and sounds like soemthing a rich housewife does to fill the hours when she’s not waiting on her husband or kids rather than a life enhancing creative outlet that produces useful and beautiful things.)

I hope you enjoy. Please leave me a comment or two if you like, I will appreciate it a lot!