About Me

I live in Oxfordshire with my boyfriend Paul and our DVD collection. When I’m not ranting about feminism or my hatred for the Tories, I’m sewing, reading, or binge-watching classic sitcoms over wine and some form of potato. If I’m honest, it’s usually the latter.

If you were to see me on the street, I’d be the one with fading red hair, Tatty Devine jewellery, a bag with a big heart on, and I’d almost certainly have my headphones on listening to an audiobook or a podcast. I have decided to trynot to buy any clothes I could make myself, so it’s highly likely I’d be also wearing something I have made myself.

On this blog, you’ll find sewing projects, as well as books, films, and TV I love. At the time of writing, I am particularly partial to a true crime podcast, and I’m working my way through the complete Roseanne boxset.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at starsinherbelly{at}gmail.com